Silhouette Body ReProgramme is tailored to suit every budget and individual requirement.



The Silhouette Body ReProgramme is life changing in so many ways.

It will open you up to new levels of your own potential to achieve success and joy in your life

Join us on a wonderful journey of inspiration for your mind, body and spirit.


Healthy Food Options



· How clean, organic foods enhance your moods and improve your sleep.
· How to safely navigate your way around the supermarket by interpreting food labels and avoiding harmful food additives.
· Nutritional education made easy.
· Just how to lose those carbohydrate and sugar addictions forever.
· An array of delicious recipes, pantry pack ideas and amazing spices.
· How keeping daily journal charts will assist your progress and keep you focused.
· A completely Confidential Group Forum for members, providing lots of interesting information as well as a safe and caring network to help you.

Just how to release those extra kilos and keep them off permanently.



I started with Silhouette hCG body ReProgramme in Sept 2015 and cannot be happier with my results so far. The programme is easy to follow and Jude has been an amazing support and wealth of information to help keep us on the path to keeping on our clean eating goals. If you have tried...


I have always dieted!! All my life, nothing seemed to work as most diets left me hungry and unsatisfied. I can honestly say the Protocol has changed my life and the way I think about food. Not only is it easy to follow, I lost the desired weight and my eating habits have completely changed....


I have dieted forever, joking about “oh I’m on diet #853, I’m only going to eat this or that – Low Fat stuff!!!” Battling to EXCERCISE, to try and lose just a few kilos. THIS “Silhouette” detox is SOOOO easy to follow. I started in September last year, lost 8kgs in the Phase 2,...


Hi Everyone. Jude and Silhouette hCG Body ReProgramme is the best detox, diet and life changing experience I’ve ever been involved in. I started on 29/11/15 weighing 69.7kgs the heaviest and most uncomfortable I’ve ever been. This morning 3/1/16, I weighed 58kgs and I’m over the moon. I’m not only back to my usual weight but I’m...
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