The Silhouette homeopathic hCG journey is a path of incredible learning about your own body, safe weight management techniques and your future health and it can provide many unexpected and exciting physical, emotional and mental challenges along the way.

As you progress – and with our support and encouragement, you will noticeably transform into the very best possible version of  YOU.

Jude's homeopathic hCG Journey.

AFTER – OCT 2015

I began my personal Silhouette journey from a position of being grossly overweight; desperately miserable about myself and my body image, with acute sciatica, arthritis and pre-diabetic.  I felt old, unattractive and totally depressed about my future.

In an effort to improve my health, I learnt some simple positive visualisation techniques and managed to release a few kilos but because I hadn’t addressed the underlying health issues, it wasn’t enough and I started to stall in my weight loss, still a long, long way from my goal.

There are a number of hCG protocols available over the internet – most are extremely strict, offer very limited food choices and are marketed as ‘quick fix diets’ which teach nothing about food education or weight maintenance to help you to reach your desired goal.  I started to question a lot of those limited food choices and bland menus because I wanted to feel nourished during my journey to health [and frankly, I enjoy flavour.]

I began to experiment along the way – cutting out some items altogether such as gluten, lactose and all of the chemically-laded processed foods and introducing quantities of clean, organic ingredients, supplements and generally refining the process, in my quest for flavour.  As I did this, I found that my daily weight loss accelerated, became more regular and I experienced fewer stalls.  I’m delighted to say that never once did I gain weight, either during or after completing the Programme.  Within 8 months I shed an amazing 42kg of body fat, reached my goal and have maintained my current weight easily for the past 18 months.

I studied many other hCG Protocols with interest, to chart similarities and to gather information to create the ultimate Programme for success.   The original hCG protocol was devised by an English GP way back in the 1960’s before supermarkets were even thought of…!  Food was organic, nourishing and good for us.

Today we are being subjected to a barrage of chemical sprays, antibiotics and synthetic, processed or genetically modified ‘food’.  When you factor environmental and household toxins into this equation, the human body simply cannot deal with exposure to this daily level of toxicity.  Classic symptoms may develop as metabolic melt down; brain fog; poor memory; obesity; Type 2 diabetes; liver disease and autoimmune diseases.  These are modern day illnesses that the vast majority of us are attempting to cope with in our daily lives by resorting to pharmaceutical pills and synthetic vitamins, which only serve as band aid measures and do not address the core problem in any way.

For me, this journey started out as a journey to lose weight as fast as possible in a healthy way – which certainly happens when you stay totally within the Protocol guidelines and trust the process.  However, there’s way more to this than just shedding the kilos…!

From the very first, I realised that there was a lot more going on with my body than I had initially anticipated, in terms of my overall health.  Firstly, the crippling sciatica that I had been living with for 3 years had all but gone, as my pelvis and spine readjusted to having less weight to carry around every day.  Secondly, the arthritis that had steadily becoming more painful in both of my hands was responding to the nightly applications of transdermal magnesium and was hardly noticeable.  Additionally, the daily prebiotic foods and probiotic supplements were making an enormous difference to my metabolism, energy levels and moods.  I was no longer suffering the mid-afternoon ‘sugar crash’ and didn’t need to take a nap or eat the first thing that I could get my hands on.

One of the most amazing permanent changes has been in my mental and emotional health.  The holistic approach of addressing my gut flora, adding probiotics, minerals and vitamin supplements to a daily diet full of raw foods, clean proteins and avoiding processed foods, has worked a miracle it seems.  Within six months, I went from feeling depressed, anxious and desperately unhappy about my ‘self’ to consistently feeling enthusiastic, intellectually stimulated and excited about life on a daily basis – every single day…!

The point I am making here, is that this is NOT just a ‘quick-fix’ diet to lose weight rapidly – and not just about numbers on the scales.  If you trust the process, this Programme is going to impact your life in all sorts of ways that you can hardly imagine.  It is a journey to health in every sense of the meaning – physically, mentally and emotionally.

So, please forget about beating yourself up if the scales don’t show results every single day as you would like to see – you’re losing centimetres instead during those times.  Trust the process and your innate intuition to get you through your journey and allow your body to be the best judge of how to do that.

Cultivate an awareness of how you are feeling mentally and emotionally each day.   You will notice how reflecting on each positive thought you have changes your perspective to one of excitement with your progress, rather than depression about what you assume isn’t happening.  Because, it certainly is happening within.

Finally, be patient with yourself.  Allow your body to heal itself in its own time – just give your body everything it needs daily to heal and you will be utterly amazed and thrilled as the new vibrant ‘YOU’ emerges from within.

It saddens me to see people struggling daily to achieve their own goals for weight management and health and it is for YOU that I have compiled this journey to health.   I’ve teamed the protocol with top quality homeopathic drops and organic supplements.  I am confident of Silhouette Body ReProgramme’s success for you.  Quite simply, I know that it works.

I invite you to transform yourself into the slim, healthy and beautiful person that you so wish to be.