Hi Everyone. Jude and Silhouette hCG Body ReProgramme is the best detox, diet and life changing experience I’ve ever been involved in.

I started on 29/11/15 weighing 69.7kgs the heaviest and most uncomfortable I’ve ever been. This morning 3/1/16, I weighed 58kgs and I’m over the moon. I’m not only back to my usual weight but I’m healthier, my skin looks great, I’ve stopped taking antidepressants, I don’t snore anymore and my future is back on track eating healthy again. I’ve been very cynical of other diet/detox programmes because they don’t have the same amazing full body information and support. You’ll find Jude is a walking encyclopedia of homeopathic remedies and recipes for all her clients.

Don’t hesitate. Change your future now and live the rest of your life with confidence.


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