I have dieted forever, joking about “oh I’m on diet #853, I’m only going to eat this or that – Low Fat stuff!!!” Battling to EXCERCISE, to try and lose just a few kilos.

THIS “Silhouette” detox is SOOOO easy to follow. I started in September last year, lost 8kgs in the Phase 2, and then another 3kgs in Phase 4 – I was actually eating FULL FAT products – WOW!!! (NO more low fat crap) – apart from losing the weight, I have also kicked the DIET COKE addiction!!!!!

Many years ago, I swore I would never buy another bloody cook book, BUT I have bought several new cook books about eating raw food, vegan cooking, vegetarian cooking, super foods, love them all. (no, I am NOT turning Vegan – LOVE my meat)

I finished Round 1 early December, then was Christmas celebration and going away on holiday – OMG how was I going to maintain my weight? Well it was EASY, I made healthy choices, had an awesome time tasting and finding new foods and only gained 800g – SO HAPPY. I started Round 2 eight days ago, and WOW this morning I have lost a total of 4.1kgs – only another 3.7kgs to go!

I have had a few compliments¬†and I am proud to inform people that I have been DETOXING (not dieting!) and happy to recommend the ‘Silhouette hCG Body Reprogramme’.


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