Hi Everyone. Jude and Silhouette hCG Body ReProgramme is the best detox, diet and life changing experience I’ve ever been involved in.

I started on 29/11/15 weighing 69.7kgs the heaviest and most uncomfortable I’ve ever been. This morning 3/1/16, I weighed 58kgs and I’m over the moon. I’m not only back to my usual weight but I’m healthier, my skin looks great, I’ve stopped taking antidepressants, I don’t snore anymore and my future is back on track eating healthy again. I’ve been very cynical of other diet/detox programmes because they don’t have the same amazing full body information and support. You’ll find Jude is a walking encyclopedia of homeopathic remedies and recipes for all her clients.

Don’t hesitate. Change your future now and live the rest of your life with confidence.


I started with Silhouette hCG body ReProgramme in Sept 2015 and cannot be happier with my results so far.

The programme is easy to follow and Jude has been an amazing support and wealth of information to help keep us on the path to keeping on our clean eating goals. If you have tried everything and think your body deserves at least a 30 day trial- what have you got to lose?


I have dieted forever, joking about “oh I’m on diet #853, I’m only going to eat this or that – Low Fat stuff!!!” Battling to EXCERCISE, to try and lose just a few kilos.

THIS “Silhouette” detox is SOOOO easy to follow. I started in September last year, lost 8kgs in the Phase 2, and then another 3kgs in Phase 4 – I was actually eating FULL FAT products – WOW!!! (NO more low fat crap) – apart from losing the weight, I have also kicked the DIET COKE addiction!!!!!

Many years ago, I swore I would never buy another bloody cook book, BUT I have bought several new cook books about eating raw food, vegan cooking, vegetarian cooking, super foods, love them all. (no, I am NOT turning Vegan – LOVE my meat)

I finished Round 1 early December, then was Christmas celebration and going away on holiday – OMG how was I going to maintain my weight? Well it was EASY, I made healthy choices, had an awesome time tasting and finding new foods and only gained 800g – SO HAPPY. I started Round 2 eight days ago, and WOW this morning I have lost a total of 4.1kgs – only another 3.7kgs to go!

I have had a few compliments and I am proud to inform people that I have been DETOXING (not dieting!) and happy to recommend the ‘Silhouette hCG Body Reprogramme’.


I have always dieted!! All my life, nothing seemed to work as most diets left me hungry and unsatisfied. I can honestly say the Protocol has changed my life and the way I think about food. Not only is it easy to follow, I lost the desired weight and my eating habits have completely changed. I no longer crave the sweet unhealthy options.

I finally feel in control of my weight and food! Thank you!!!!!